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Best Weighted Vests 2017 – The Ultimate Guide

Best Weighted Vests 2017 – The Ultimate Guide

TopWeightedVest is a blog dedicated to the best-weighted clothing including vests for men and women, shorts, wristband, arm sleeves, ankle weights and much more weighted clothing. It will provide buyers with an ultimate guide on buying weighted clothes both for men and women. This includes reviews, comparisons, tips and tutorials  regarding weighted clothing.

This homepage is however dedicated to the best-weighted vests in the market. So without wasting much of your time let's continue with the guide on to buy a good weighted vest.

What is a Weighted Vest?


Example of Weighted Vest

So if you are looking to buy a weighted vest it becomes crucial first to know what is a weighted vest.

The sole purpose of a weighted vest is to add extra weight to your upper body for body weight exercises. These vests help to create an overloading effect on your body when you are walking, running or exercising. 

The main reason is to generate more force against the ground.

According to research, it was that by adding more weight to your body while performing tasks like running, exercising or performing speed drills it creates an overloading effect which helps the body muscle to generate more force against the ground which will lead to gains in strength and power and even increases your acceleration in running. 

Read more about weighted clothing.

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4 Ways to Use a Weighted Vest

There are multiple ways you can use a weighted vest. You need not be a professional athlete to benefit from a  weighted vest. Doing simple activities like walking wearing a weighted vest can help in increasing your metabolic rate. It helps in increasing intensity of an exercise which would otherwise seem easy to you. Let us uncover different ways to use a weighted vest.

Way #1- Body Weight Excercises

It is very simple to convert your normal routine exercises like push-ups, squats,get-ups difficult by wearing a weighted vest. I mentioned few activities below as examples.

  • 3 Minutes run on a Treadmill
  • Weighted Vest Push-ups
  • Weighted Vest Squats
  • Weighted Vest Get-Ups

Repeat these 4 moves in sets of 4-5. These exercise work best on 10-20 pound vest. You can also add in an extra round of pull-ups.

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Way #2- Go on Weighted Walks and Hikes

Let's say you go to a hill station or any other hilly area for an outing. By just wearing a weighted vest you can convert an easy nature hike to an intense workout. Just strap a weighted under your shirt and you are ready to go. Don't worry all vests made from a sweat absorbent material. A 30-40 pound vest is best for such activities.

You can not only use weighted vests for hiking only. Wear it for the walks around the neighbourhood or in a park. You can also use it when you are doing any strenuous tasks. The sky is the limit. (You can easily use for daily activities to make it a tad difficult).

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I’ve even worn my vest through airport security and walked around airports with it on!). The useful part about a weighted vest is that no matter where or how you move, it’s going to make any aspect of getting from point A to point B just a little bit more difficult.

Way #3- Ride your bike wearing a Weighted Vest

Another useful way of using a weighted vest is wearing it while riding your bike. It works well when you ride on a trail with rolling hills. You can even use a weighted vest while riding a stationary bike indoors. I use the below strategy for the best results.

  • Warm-up for a mile
  • Alternate standing to seated for 40 seconds standing, 40 seconds seated
  • 5 Minutes of standing
  • Ride for a mile in seated postion
  • 1 Mile Cool-down

Way #4- Lift Weights with a Weighted Vest

You can add an intense impact on your weight lifting sessions by wearing a weighted vest. Read more about weight training routine. I have mentioned my favourite exercise while wearing a weighted vest.

  • DeadLifts
  • Sqauts
  • Bench presses
  • Barbell rows
  • Barbell Cleans

Comparison Table of The Best Weighted Vests







Buy Now

1.V-Force Weight Vest


30-150 lbs


Multi-layer pocket backing

Lifetime Warranty

Ratings - (4.8/5)

2.MIR- Weighted Vest (SHORT STYLE)



20-90 lbs

Re-inforced Nylon

Double padding

Velcro belt

High Torso

Super Compact

Ratings - (4.6/5)

3.BOX Crossfit Weightvest



20-90 lbs

Heavy-duty construction

Specially for cross-fit

Wipe down lining

Ratings - (4.5/5)

4.ZFOsports Weighted Vest



40 lbs


Removable design

Easy cleaning

Ratings - (4.5/5)

5.TKO 244WV Weighted Vest



20-100 lbs

Synthetic Material

Soft Steel

Tough design

Ratings - (4.3/5)

6.Pure Fitness 40LB Weighted Vest



40 lbs


Sand-filled weights

Reflective Trim

Ratings - (4.3/5)

7.Fighting Sports Power Weighted Vest



1-30 lbs

Neoprene Made


Ratings - (4.0/5)

8.Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest



1-40 lbs

Durable Quality

One size


Adjustable clip belts

Ratings - (4.0/5)

9.GoFit Adjustable Weighted Vest



10-40 lbs


Double Closure Design

Granulated Steel​

Ratings - (4.0/5)

Top 3 Weighted Vest for Men

#1 Top Pick - VForce Weight Vest

VForce Weight Vest

Price - $$$$

Weight - 25 -125 lbs

Material - 1000D Nylon

Ratings - (4.8/5)

Summary - The VForce Weight Vest is the best-weighted vest for men. After some rounds of comparison, we have selected it as the Number #1 Pick in the Top 3 Weighted Vest for men. This heavy-duty, durable vest is made for any fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete. The vest is made of a double-layered reinforced 1000D Nylon. It also comes with an optional reflection band and hydration ready shoulders.

The style of the vest is very minimal to keep the weight off the stomach to allow great mobility when working on the abdominal and core muscles. Don't worry about the size. It fits most people. It also packs in pockets that can take weight both front and back. It comes with great accessories as well like sweat liners, hydration packs, and running pads.

Undoubtedly the VForce Weight Vest is the best-weighted vest money can buy. You can buy the product by clicking the green button above. To check the rating of the vest click below. Read the full review.


After searching for best quality and value, I decided to go with the 45 Lb. V-force Full-camo Short (Coyote Tan, Narrow 3-1/4") with the Sweat-stopper Liner to match. As soon as you take it out of the box, you can appreciate the heavy 1000-D Cordura and how well built this product is. I was also glad to see that the Sweat-stopper Liner was perfectly attached to the vest, which means that someone took the time to attach and check it manually before shipping (not like other products where the parts don't fit very well).

As part of reviewing the package, I took all the weights from the vest and was happy to see that each weight is entirely coated and labelled, once again a great mark on attention to detail and craftsmanship.

#2 Top Pick - Mir Weighted Vest


Mir Weighted Vest

Price - $$$

Weight - 20 - 90 lbs

Material -  Re-inforced Nylon

Ratings - (4.6/5)

Summary - Our 2nd Pick is the Mir Weighted Vest. The design of the vest is very rugged. The major use of the vest is for someone looking to work on abs and the core. There are various models available to suit both beginnerrs and adavanced.

The vest fits most people and comes in 3 styles - narrow,slim and perfect fit. There are many other styles apart from that. Apart from weighted vest the company also makes other types of weighted clothing such as shoes and gloves. It also has a vest designed only for women. Overall the brand can be trusted when it comes to weighted clothing. Read the full review.


My workouts were starting to feel boring. So... I added a 50lb vest into the mix. This thing makes every 45 minute workout feel like a triathlon. After using it for a few weeks I realized that I had to take a bunch of weight out because I noticed my body was demanding 9 hours of sleep in order to fully recover (and I just don't have time for that much sleep). After another 4 months of use I've finally worked my way back up to 50lbs and the thing is great.

Makes me literally drip and pour sweat so heavy that it's got very clear salt lines after a few weeks of use (nothing that a quick cleaning doesn't fix). I lift with it on, I run with it on, I do plyo with it on. Expensive, yes. But adds enough intensity to make it worth every penny. Best part, even with all that heavy use, it shows no signs of wear and tear. I'm sure the thing will hold up for years to come.

#3 Top Pick - ZFO Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest


ZFO Weighted Vest

Price - $$

Weight - 10 - 80 lbs

Material -  Re-inforced Nylon

Ratings - (4.5/5)

Summary - Our 3rd Pick is the ZFO Ajustable Weighted Vest. The main selling point of this Weighted Vest is its affordable price. It useful for all those who are looking to build muscles and shedding pounds. This vest is very comfortable to wear. The look of the vest is very attractive unlike other kevlar looking vests.

The upper and lower weight container can take loads of weight without tearing the vest. Even after this, there is a lot of space for arm movement. The vest is very useful for those who do a lot of push-ups, crunches and pull-ups. The ZFO Weight Vest is the nice vest for beginners. The vest is for anyone looking for an affordable weighted vest. Read the full review.


Loved this product the second I had it out of the container. I use it solely for walking at this point, but look forward to incorporating it into my strength and interval workouts as well. Comfortable fit, durable, adjustable weights (which are included!)and a sweet take-no-crap kevlar look. Three small shortcomings to be aware of: I practice bagua circle walking and it's a little difficult to raise my arms directly in front of my body while wearing the vest(overhead pressing is definitely possible, but also a bit unnatural;

I've been walking around with half the load (20 lbs) and wearing it high looked sort of ridiculous under a jacket, even boxlike. I alleviated this by loading the weights into the lower containers, thereby giving a more natural appearance. Still, when I've worked up to 40 lbs., the same problem will arise.

But hey, I'm seeking excellent conditioning here, not a reproductive partner; there's pretty much no way you could wear this openly in public without giving off the strong odours of swat team/bank robber. Social stigmas aside, this vest satisfies all the needs I had for workouts and will continue to do so for years. It's sturdily made, and the removable loop and velcro waistband could feasibly accommodate many body sizes. What more could I ask for in a piece of exercise equipment?

Uses of Weighted Vest 

Exercise you can do with your Weighted Vest

You can use your weighted vest in either in simple or complex tasks. Weighted Vest job is to make simple tasks a little tougher so your body works harder in performing various physical fitness activities.

It helps you build muscles and also in burning fat. It helps a person to choose a fitter path.

Weighted Vest is popular for many activities. Some are listed below:

1. Running

It can be a huge bonus for anyone who is running for a marathon or any other running activity. It helps you to build up your body capacity. Most of the runners prefer light weighted vest. This is because whenever a runner takes off, he should feel light.

The important thing to note is that one’s vest should not put any force on the lungs and cardio system which is already working strenuously.

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2.Weight Lifting

Weighted Vest is also used during weight lifting. The primary use is when a person lifts up free weights.

This is because many exercises use a static bench or seats for performing the activities. Hence the vest has no primary use here. The vest plays a crucial role while you lift up dumbells or barbells. It can also help you balance yourself when you are lifting heaving weights.

It ultimately helps you to strengthen a group of muscles at the same time.

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Weighted Vest can be useful in most of the exercises where you need to do a lot of body movement. One example is squats and lunges.

Some fitness tools are very necessary such as medicine ball or the kettlebell. They can act as an alternative to a weighted vest. Standard exercises range from the mundane to the exotic – for example, a popular one called the “good morning” involves inclining the body in such a way that it challenges the core muscles.

All these activities help to build up the overall body strength.


Wearing a weighted vest while climbing can provide a great resistance to your body. While it seems quite odd while you wear that weighted vest but the vest is helpful for outdoor tasks.

The vest is helpful to make your body ready for greater challenges.

Read More – Training: Perfect Pull-Ups for Climbing Strength

5. Sports Specific Exercises

Weighted Vest has a great use in sports. Let it be football, soccer, basketball or tennis. It helps you to create a more “explosive” body when you apply more resistance to you.

All in all weighted vest is a great way to add extra resistance to your normal tasks so your body builds muscles than normal.

Use Caution With a Weighted Vest

One problem with a weighted vest is that it can sometimes put an enormous amount of force on your upper back and shoulder. It can cause muscle knots or even joint injury for every long walk or upper body exercises such as pushups or pullups.

Weighted Vests can cause constricted breathing and overheating due to heavy non-breathing materials like nylon and neoprene which are often used to make vests.

So use a Weighted Vest wisely.

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