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5 Awesome Weighted Vest Benefits to Know

Weighted Vest is not just a vest, it’s actually much more.

Most people have the notion that weighted vest are only worn by army officials or the SWAT team. But it can also be used by normal people like you and me. You can benefit a lot from wearing a weighted vest even when you don’t do strength training.

In this short article I will be talking about the various benefits of weighted vest (walking, running or weight loss).

Before we get into the benefits of weighted vest , let us just look briefly as to what is a weighted vest is.

A weighted vest is essentially a vest with many pouches. These pouches ( can be closed) are made to hold sand bags. You can add or remove these sand bags as per your comfort level. So weighted vest actually increases your effort in doing any activity.

So if it takes x effort to do a sit-up then it will take up more than x effort to do the same activity. This effort is also depends on the weight of weighted vest.

#1 It helps to up your Endurance

So if you use a weighted vest while doing workouts be it strength or cardio it will make it difficult and puts an extra load onto your muscles. The best part is that you can use it for any exercise you can think of.

Whether you are running, cycling, sit ups , push ups or just walking it increases the difficulty of the task. Actually what happens when you wear a weighted vest is that it increases the load on your muscles, this way your muscles will grow faster.

So let’s say you can easily do 50 push ups in one go. But doing the same 50 push ups wearing a weighted vest is a more difficult task. So you are actually forced into work harder which a great thing, ain’t it.

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#2 It helps to up your Endurance

Do you want to lose weight?

Well everyone wants to look fit and healthy. But it ain’t that simple, is it.

The problem is with your lifestyle. Most people only take in calories but not burn them. So, if you are not burning that fat, you eventually will become fat. A great way to burn calories is to workout.

Most people misunderstand the word " workout ". No, I am not talking about strength training here, no need to lifting. Normal cycling or sit ups will also do.

If you want to take your workout to the next level, you can use a weighted vest. Weighted vest essentially will put a greater load on your body thus more calories are burnt. This means you will be able to lose more weight too.

#3 Increased Bone Strength

Another great feature is that weighted vest can also help to increase your bone strength. Well it's only possible in the cases where you put load on your body. Like cycling, running, squats or push ups. The load helps to increase the strength as well as the density of your bones.

Similar to muscles when you put extra load on the bone it grows.

Author at FitandMe says -

Putting an increased amount of weight on your bones causes your osteoblasts to lay down more bone matter. The more you put your weight on your bones, such as during a run, the more your bones will create new bone mass, thus making your bones stronger, bigger, and denser all at the same time.

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#4. Variable Weights

One great advantage of weighted vest is that you can easily add and remove weights. This way you will be able to do different exercises at different intensities. So if you are bored doing the same exercise again and again you can do the same the exercise using a higher weight in the weighted vest.

This will help to get most out of you in the same amount of time. So a weighted vest can really save a lot of your precious time.

#5. Cardiovascular Benefits

Another benefit of a weighted vest is that it improves your cardiovascular system. Just make sure you do a cardio exercise to reap the benefits.

When you use a weighted vest during a cardio exercise ,it forces your muscles to work harder, thus also requiring your lungs and heart to work harder to supply those muscles with oxygen blood. This helps improve your heart as well as your lungs.


Hope you guys liked the various benefits of weighted vest. If you are interested in buying a weighted vest then read our Buyer's Guide on Best Weighted Vest.

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But how many of you lead a healthy life. This includes having a proper diet.

Do you?

Eating healthy will help both your body and mind. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not telling you to do some crazy stuff like going to gym every day or waking up four each day.

It's quite simple. You just need to have proper foods in your diet. That’s more than sufficient. Try to avoid junk foods as it may get you sick or lazy.

The blog is dedicated to the usage of weighted vests and other useful weighted clothing which you can use in your day to day life to make better muscles.

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Weighted Clothing – The Ultimate Guide

In this blog we have only talked about weighted vests. But there is more to weighted stuff than only vests.

In this post I guide you through all you would want to know ​about weighted clothing.

What is Weighted Clothing?

Weighted Clothing is clothing that adds weight to various parts of the body. Unlike regular weights, you can wear weighted clothes and still move freely and perform typical tasks. It can also be worn under regular clothes to perform exercises in the casual environment.

These clothes are quite comfortable and adjustable and can be worn by all ages. These clothes are mainly for resistance training of a part of a body. It helps to increase the muscles or loose weight where weights are applied. 

Types of activities you can perform wearing weighted clothes-

  • Running 
  • Swimming
  • Punching
  • Jumping
  • Kicking
  • Body-Weight Exercises

Types of Weighted Clothing

Let us see the different types of weighted clothing available for usage. I will breiefly describe each one of them.


​There are weights available to be wrapped around your neck. Same as weighted vest they have the same benefits. They are mainly used for adding resistance to the movement of your neck.

So if you want to make your neck strong then you should buy a ​Head Harness Neck Strength Head Strap Weight. Neck Strength is essential for all fighting sports. So if you are a boxer or a wrestler you might need these weights.

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