The #1 Weighted Vest for Women – Buyer’s Guide


Everybody wants to be fit. Who doesn’t?

But the most obvious reason why someone isn’t is because it's tough. It's difficult even to follow a balanced diet, leave alone exercising. You will end up eating junk foods for some reason or the other.


Exercising might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is the only way to get into shape. There is no different way out. You need not spend hours together; you just need to do it the right way. They just need to be done smartly so you can get the best out of it.

People laugh when I tell them that you can lose weight or gain muscles by doing standard exercises like running, pushups or sit-ups. It’s easy, just put on a weighted vest, and the normal exercises become tough again.

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Weighted vests help you to get more out of the same exercise. Though there are thousand of a weighted vest to choose from online, there are very few for women. In a male dominated industry, it becomes very hard to find a good weighted vest for women.

Don’t Worry! We have your back.

After a lot of research, we have for you some of the best weighted vest money can buy for women. Some are specially made for women while some are unisex in type.

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